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Step Inside Seth Meyers’ Manhattan Duplex

Curated for you via Architectural Digest.

Do you like your room?” the designer Ariel Ashe, one half of the New York–based AD100 firm Ashe Leandro, asked a demanding client one bright morning in Manhattan. The client proceeded to throw himself onto the floor, reach into a basket full of plushy toys, and begin tossing them all over the place. Would that be a yes? To clarify any misunderstanding, he then erupted into an epic giggle fit that suggested nothing short of sheer joy.

Count him as another satisfied Ashe Leandro customer. They tend, like this happy guy, toward the young and creative, including actor Liev Schreiber (AD, June 2018), artist Rashid Johnson, La Ligne cofounder Meredith Melling, and Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland. They also, inevitably, end up feeling like family, thanks to Ashe and partner Reinaldo Leandro’s hands-on, relaxed approach. In the present case, “family” is just what we’re talking about. The dude rolling around the floor is Ashe’s excruciatingly adorable two-year-old nephew. His mother is Ariel’s younger sister, the human-rights attorney Alexi Ashe Meyers. His father is Seth Meyers, as in Late Night with. And the room—sun-drenched and smartly outfitted with bent-ply furniture—is on the top floor of the couple’s eight-room duplex in a redbrick prewar in Greenwich Village.

pA work by Johann Fritz Westermann is displayed in the breakfast room. Vintage Saarinen table and Hans Wegner wishbone...
A work by Johann Fritz Westermann is displayed in the breakfast room. Vintage Saarinen table and Hans Wegner wishbone chairs.

The Meyerses, who married in 2013, bought the place in 2016 and got down to business in order to accommodate their growing family and demanding professional lives. (Alexi works with Sanctuary for Families, a nonprofit devoted to helping victims of domestic and gender-based violence.) “This was not your typical New York gut renovation,” Leandro says, “but rather a strategic renovation.” It took all of about three months. With laser-targeted interventions (bright white paint, cutting an archway here and there, crafting a family-friendly living-dining area), the partners utterly transformed the 3,200-square-foot space while accentuating its Manhattan aura.There’s an open flow, with rooms bathed in light, and furnishings from the duo’s recently launched line, Ruemmler, including split-backed oak dining chairs, a handsome oak-burl console, and pendant lighting in cinched amber silk. Bespoke detailing reveals the team’s gossamer touch—proper materials, properly handled. Consider the gorgeously milled balusters on the staircase and the soft curves of the mantelpieces, done in gray Pietra Cardoso stone. The overall vibe is pared-down without being severe, tailored without being uptight.

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