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The 5 Best Couples Massages In NYC — According To Beauty Editors

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Valentine’s Day can go one of two ways when you’re in a relationship: Either you feel pressured into booking a reservation at a packed midtown restaurant that will surely have an overpriced menu and cheesy decor, or you’ll both say “fuck it” and spend the night relaxing on the couch with a Netflix binge and greasy takeout.

But what if you could find a middle ground: one where you get out of the house to do something special, but can still kick back in robes and slippers? We’re talking couples massages, which are a lot less cliché when you know where to look (hint: probably not on Groupon). As we approach Valentine’s Day, we asked a few New York City beauty editors to share their top spots for an experience that’s indulgent, relaxing, and just the right amount of sexy. They share their honest reviews, ahead.

Oasis Day Spa

“This spa is very straight to the point when it comes to its couples massages. There are no rose petal baths or glasses of champagne — just a dimly lit room with two close and comfy massage beds. That was more than enough for my boyfriend, Mike, and I, who prefer any romantic soaks to take place in the privacy of our own home. Our therapists kindly adapted to our individual preferences, which was medium-pressure full body for me and deep-pressure back and shoulders for him. The following day, we both woke up feeling so fresh and brand new, we agreed to go back for the next holiday — even if that’s Fourth of July.” — Thatiana Diaz, R29 Beauty Writer

Oasis Day Spa, 1 Park Avenue; (212) 254-7722

60-Minute Swedish Side-By-Side Massage, $270 (excludes gratuity and taxes). Valentine’s Day Promo: Use code “VDAY19” until February 14th for 15% off.

The Cornelia Spa At The Surrey Hotel

“The massage started with my therapist, Maurine, offering me a spoonful of honey, which she explained was an ancient remedy to promote relaxation. I rolled my eyes towards my boyfriend, Sam, but when I wrapped my lips around the silver spoon and felt the sticky sweetness drip down my throat, I felt my clenched muscles loosen almost instantly.

“Once Sam and I were lying face down on our tables — a comfortable, yet intimate, 3-feet apart — Maurine and Alexandra (Sam’s therapist) began our personalized treatments. Mine was medium pressure, while Sam chose a deep, deep rubdown. It was a full, hour-long couples massage, but Maurine’s soft, swift fingers — which she worked from my scalp to my toes — made time pass too quickly. It was the highest form of relaxation I can imagine feeling, besides maybe taking an afternoon nap in a California king bed in The Surrey’s penthouse suite.” — Megan Decker, R29 Beauty Assistant

The Cornelia Spa At The Surrey Hotel, 20 East 76th Street; (888) 419-0052

60-Minute Signature Massage For Two, $485 (includes gratuity and taxes)

Great Jones Spa

“The biggest mistake my fiancé and I made in booking this appointment was making brunch plans immediately afterward. We could have spent all day in the multi-level spa, which has communal hot and cold soaking pools, a massive lounge area with a skylight, and a big luxurious sauna. But my favorite part, hands down, was the couples massage. Our therapist led us to a massive room where the beds were maybe 10 feet apart, which made us feel, you know, together — but without having to listen to his groans as the therapist worked out painful knots in his shoulders. My medium-pressure massage put me to sleep, while his deep tissue rubdown released all the tension he’d been carrying all week. I was in such a relaxed state after our treatment that I wasn’t even phased when I had to go back to the crowded, kind of soggy locker rooms to change — which is my only complaint.” — Cat Quinn, R29 Beauty Director

Great Jones Spa, 29 Great Jones Street; (212) 505-3185

60-Minute Great Jones Spa Signature Massage For Two, $310 (excludes gratuity and taxes)

AIRE Ancient Baths

“While I don’t have a significant other to share a couples massage with at the moment, I did treat my mother to a day of relaxation at the spa because, well, she is my first love. Before heading into the massage rooms at Aire, my mom and I explored the underground pools that make this spa so popular. For about an hour, we traveled through the candlelit cavern, rotating between the steam room, the giant hot tub, the saltwater pool, and the freezing ice bath — the latter being my mother’s favorite since she has some joint pain. Then, we headed to the upper levels for a 45-minute massage.

“The massage rooms are cordoned off with sheets, with our two tables situated side by side. The technicians covered us both in oil before working down our backs and legs, then flipping us over to do the front. It was a traditional massage that worked out most of the kinks from walking around NYC, but what really made this experience memorable — and worth the price tag — were the baths.” — Jessica Cruel, R29 Deputy Beauty Director

AIRE Ancient Baths, 88 Franklin Street; (646) 878-6174

The Ancient Thermal Bath & 60-Minute Relaxing Massage For Two, $450 (excludes gratuity; prices may vary on weekends)

Haven Spa

“After a few stressful weeks at work, my boyfriend and I were long overdue for a massage; to call us tense would be an understatement. When we walked into Haven Spa, we were greeted by our massage therapists, who directed us to a large, fancy room with two massage tables. We were situated pretty far away from one another and it wasn’t the chocolate-and-champagne experience you see in movies, but the massage itself was fantastic. My massage therapist addressed all of my concerns, and we both felt amazing afterward. If you and your partner need to quickly unwind, without all the bells and whistles, then this is the perfect option for you. I’d also suggest getting to the facility early to using the steam room, which was my favorite part.” — Aimee Simeon, R29 Beauty Writer

Haven Spa, 250 Mercer Street; (212) 343-3515

60-Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Couple’s Massage, $280 (excludes gratuity and taxes)


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