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The Sartorialist’s Downtown Digs Are a Case Study in High Style

Curated for you via Architectural Digest.

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Scott Schuman and Jenny Walton approached the interior design of their downtown New York apartment much in the same way they approach fashion: a tightly edited mix of vintage and new, sourced from world capitals on nearly every continent. Of course, fashion is a field with which both are intimately familiar. Schuman, the man behind the famed lens of The Sartorialist blog and Instagram account, and Walton, an in-demand fashion illustrator and creative director for The Sartorialist, are both experts in style curation, whether that’s on their social media feeds or their bookshelves.

In fact, it was the latter that actually drew them to their two-bedroom, two-bath apartment located inside the Police Building (so named as it was originally the headquarters for the New York City Police Department until the 1970s). “All I really want to live with, besides Jenny, my kids, and my dog, are books and photographs,” Schuman says. He was sold as soon as he saw the nearly floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that line the living room. Aside from the couple’s massive collection of photography tomes—“We had hundreds of boxes of books when we moved,” Walton says—the shelves are filled with mementos from the duo’s travels to everywhere from Milan to Copenhagen. “I like when we sit and watch TV, and she’s watching some reality show and I’m a little bit bored and I look around and think, Oh, yeah, I remember buying that hat in Peru,” Schuman says.

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