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These Photorealistic Paintings Put You at the Center of Major Cities

Curated for you via My Modern Met.

British contemporary artist Nathan Walsh creates extraordinary cityscape paintings that accurately capture real urban landscapes. Each photorealistic oil painting features perfect perspective, lighting, and texture, making it hard to believe they’re paintings at all.

From New York’s glittering skylines to Chicago’s rain-slicked streets, Walsh begins each piece by visiting the locations in real life. He then takes a variety of photographs and draws small thumbnail sketches to decide on his composition and color palette. Takes his research back to his studio, the artist proceeds to map and draw out detailed, grid-like blueprints of each location on his large-scale canvases. Each painting then comes to life with layers of colorful oil paint.




Rather than reference one photograph, Walsh composes his own reality of the urban environments from a variety of his images. “Freehand drawing is fundamental to all of my work, allowing me to take full ownership of photographic material,” he explains to My Modern Met. “Rejecting the mechanical transfer of imagery forces me to construct each object from scratch and allows for a fluid and inventive approach.” Clever perspective points allow the viewer to feel as if they are at the center of realistic scene and could step inside the canvas to walk among the neon-washed streets.


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